What Is CopyMotion?

CopyMotion is a high-tech solution for protecting your copyrighted video content on the internet.

Content producers have had a major problem trying to protect their copyrighted videos from unauthorized online distribution due to the explosive growth of user generated content tube sites in recent years.

The scale of existing tube site video libraries and the massive amount of daily uploads coming online has allowed copyright infringers, both willful and accidental, to remain hidden among the crowd because the sheer magnitude of the problem has rendered it extremely difficult to solve.

CopyMotion provides a full service solution to content producers.

  • We actively scan tube sites for copies of your videos.
  • We alert you in real time when a copyright violation is detected.
  • We provide you an intuitive infringement tracking and resolution system to get the incident resolved quickly.
  • We search for your videos based on the actual visual content of the videos.
  • We do not search for your videos using failure prone keyword or metadata text searches.

Our state of the art technology requires no watermarking, DRM, or special work of any kind on your part. You continue to produce and distribute your videos as already do. Simply upload your digital video files into our system and watch as it finds matches among existing tube site video libraries and continually scans against new uploads on a daily basis.

The video matching algorithm employed by our system is extremely robust and will find copies of your videos even if they have been subjected to cropping, scaling, rotation, recompression, changes in coloration, the addition of multiple foreign logos or watermarks on top of the original video content, segmentation of the original video into multiple parts, and many other transformations.