How CopyMotion Works

Tube site videos enter the CopyMotion system

Tube site videos enter our system and are added to our master database. Our database is always kept up to date to reflect what is available to users of each specific tube site at any given point in time. We monitor for new tube sites coming online and add them to our system as part of our ongoing mission to give our clients the most current and complete protection possible.

You upload your videos into the CopyMotion system

You transfer your videos, in any major media format, into our system using one of our various upload or data transfer methods. We support uploads through the website interface, resumable uploads through a secure FTP interface, and physical importing. If you have a lot of videos to get into the system in a short amount time then physical importing may be the route for you. With physical importing you ship your device along with its interface connectors, power supply and a packing slip to CopyMotion and we copy the data over at our datacenter and return everything to you.

Our video matching system searches for your videos

Our pioneering research into fast, accurate, intelligent and robust video searching algorithms has given CopyMotion the ability to detect your videos with unprecedented accuracy despite the myriad variations they commonly undergo in the wild. Combined with our powerful and growing cluster of matching servers we are able to offer you a service not previously thought possible or practical. Discovery of your video content wherever and whenever it may have been uploaded onto the internet. A security system protecting your video copyrights 24/7.

Copyright infringement incidents are pin-pointed, tracked, and resolved

When a match for one of your videos is found by our matching system it is run by our staff for verification then passed on to you. The copyright infringement incident will then be evaluated by you and a DMCA takedown notice to remove the infringing video may be sent through our incident tracking and resolution system. Further resolution options include replacing the infringing video with a targeted video ad to reach potential customers. The tube site receiving the resolution request will process it and complete an action-taken form on our website notifying you of their response.