Incident Tracking & Resolution System

Human Verification

When a match for one of your videos is found by the CopyMotion matching system it is run by our staff for final verification. After this human verification stage is complete the video match incident becomes available to you in the incident tracking and resolution section of your account. From here you have options to manage and resolve the incident.

Streamlined Incident Summary

CopyMotion streamlines the act of contacting the tube site with regards to copies of your copyrighted videos. For each video match incident an incident summary web page link is provided. The incident summary page is prepropulated with your company information, video information, video thumbnails, and similar items about the matched video in question. These pages are viewable by the tube site administrators to help them quickly establish the veracity of each copyright infringement incident, saving time for both parties.

Ad Replacement

Replace infringing clips with your own advertisements and direct interested traffic back to your business. Commonly the full length video will be replaced with a shorter length advertisement of the same video, directing interested viewers back to your business. With CopyMotion you won't have to worry about new customers coming right back to the tube site and uploading the copyrighted material they have purchased from you.

Takedown Notices

Send take down notices quickly and easily. Choose to remove an infringing video and the resolution system will create a standard DMCA takedown notice for the incident, prepopulated with all the relevant information. A link to the incident summary page will be included in the takedown notice to help speed up verification and removal. The takedown notice can then be sent to the tube site with a few clicks using our simple website interface.

Audit Trail

As you take action to resolve an incident, a full history with dates, actions, responses, and notes is kept. This history contains both your actions and the tube site's actions. This provides you with an audit trail in the event it is needed.

Email Alert System

CopyMotion can email you whenever a new video match incident is found and whenever an existing incident is repsonded to by a tube site. You can choose to be alerted immediately for every event or you can choose to get a summary on a daily or weekly basis.