Video Matching Algorithm


Computer vision meets human vision

Our cutting edge computer vision technology literally watches each tube site video for you. It perceives light, motion, and shape in the same manner as the human eye. This type of powerful processing allows the widest and most robust range of options for locating copies of your videos.


Scaling, compression & framerate

Your videos will not always appear in their original forms online. Scaling and recompression of the original high quality video into a much lower quality version is common. Our video matching algorithm can find even the most highly degraded versions of your video. Finding much lower resolution copies, or copies with extreme amounts of artifacting from aggressive recompression is no problem. Our algorithm is also robust enough to find your video even if the original framerate has been altered.


When working with videos and images it is not uncommon for the original color space to be discarded or altered, resulting in mild to significant discoloration of the original source material. Our video matching algorithm can handle these mild to extreme variations in the original colorization of the video.

Cropping & rotation

Spotting copies of your video when the original source material has been cropped is no problem. Our technology is able to match copies of your video even if large portions of it are missing or cropped out. The matching system is also able to detect copies of your video that have been subject to rotation and other common geometric transformations.

Addition of foreign logos & overlays

Copies of your videos will commonly appear online with new logos, new web addresses, and other types of new overlays obscuring the original video content. Rest assured that this type of variation is specifically addressed in our video matching algorithm. Our technology is able to identify and ignore the obscuring overlays, perceiving your video around them to find the match.

Removal of logos & overlays

Another common technique seen in the wild is the blurring or removal of the original logo, watermark, or overlay of the copyright holder. This type of alteration will not stop CopyMotion's robust video matching algorithm from finding your video.


Copyright infringers need not upload a full length copy of the source video to be found. CopyMotion is designed to find everything from the fullest length copy down to the smallest clips. Our technology even has the ability to spot your content in video mashups.