Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How is the service designed to be used?

CopyMotion is designed to hold a library of your copyrighted video works. Your videos are transferred into your CopyMotion video library where they remain for ongoing copyright protection.

What happens after I upload a video into my CopyMotion video library?

Once a video is uploaded into your CopyMotion video library it goes through an automated processing stage where our servers analyze, process, and prepare it for video matching. Once this stage is complete your video enters the matching system where it is worked on by our high performance matching cluster. The matching system will identify current and future matches from this point forward.

Will my newly uploaded videos be scanned against all existing tube site videos?

Yes. Our matching system checks your video uploads against all existing tube site videos in our database.

How many tube sites do you scan?

CopyMotion scans all of the top internet tube sites. New tube sites are constantly being added as part of our ongoing mission to provide the most complete protection possible.

Am I required to be the copyright owner of all the videos I upload?

Yes. Submitting videos that you do not own the copyright to is a breach of the Terms of Service.

What happens when a match is found?

CopyMotion refers to matches as incidents. How each incident is resolved is completely up to you. We provide a website interface so that you will be able to handle the resolution of each incident from within your CopyMotion account. Common resolutions include replacing the infringing video with a video ad or having the infringing video taken down completely. As the incident is resolved a complete audit trail is kept for future use. Please see the Infringement Tracking & Resolution page for further information.

Technical Questions

What methods are available to upload videos?

We support uploads through the website interface and SFTP. SFTP is preferred for its efficiency and ability to resume uploads. We also support physical importing at our datacenter if you ship an external storage device with content manifest to us.

What quality of the original video is required to find matches?

For best matching CopyMotion requires that you submit master copies of your videos that are of the most complete length possible. CopyMotion also requires the most complete aspect ratio possible. If you have released both 4:3 and 16:9 copies of your video then you should submit the 16:9 version to CopyMotion. The highest resolution copy of the video is not required. A 1920x1080 copy of your video will match no better than a 576x324 copy of the same aspect ratio and length.

Sound is not required at all.

Can CopyMotion find my video if tube site copies have been modified/distorted?

Our video matching algorithm is extremely robust and can find your video even if the original copy has been subjected to cropping, scaling, rotation, recompression, changes in coloration, the addition of multiple foreign logos or watermarks on top of the original video content, segmentation of the original video into multiple parts, and other transformations. Please see the Video Matching Algorithm page for further information.

Billing & Usage Questions

Is there a minimum contract length when subscribing to the service?

CopyMotion operates on a standard 30 day billing cycle after which your subscription renews. There is no contract requiring you to sign up for multiple billing cycles to try the service. CopyMotion's subscription terms and rates are designed to be very flexible to businesses that are interested in copyright protection services and would like to try them out first hand before making any long term commitments.

Are all available tube sites scanned or do I have to sign up for scanning of individual tube sites?

Our service fee is for complete protection. Scanning of all supported tube sites is included in this service fee. As new tube sites are added to the CopyMotion system all your videos are automatically scanned against these new tube sites at no additional charge.

How is my level of service usage calculated?

Your level of service usage is based on the hours of video stored in your CopyMotion video library. Hours of video refers to the sum total of the length of all the videos in your CopyMotion video library. You fit into a usage tier based on the number of hours of video you maintain in your CopyMotion video library per 30 day billing period.

What is a usage tier?

Your bill is a fixed amount per 30 day billing cycle based upon the usage tier to which you are subscribed. A usage tier allows you to maintain up to a certain maximum number of hours of video in the CopyMotion system for ongoing copyright protection. For example: If you wish to keep 35 hours video in the system and CopyMotion offers a 30 hour tier and a 40 hour tier you would need to subscribe to the 40 hour usage tier.

What are upload credits?

Upload credits will only need to be purchased if you delete videos from your library and wish to replace them with other videos. Upload credits are denominated in hours. When you subscribe to the 30 hour tier you receive 30 hours of upload credits free of charge so that you may upload 30 hours of video into the system. If you then upgraded to the 40 hour tier you would receive an additional 10 hours of upload credits free of charge.

An example of where upload credits would be necessary: Your account is subscribed to the 30 hour usage tier and you have reached your 30 hour limit. You wish to delete 1 hour of existing video and replace it with a different hour of video. In this case you would need to purchase a 1 hour upload credit to take this action. This is necessary because you would have exhausted the existing 30 hours of upload credits during the uploading of the initial 30 hours of video.

Upload credits are purchasable in 1 hour blocks at a fixed price that does not vary depending on usage tier. Upload credits are non-refundable and non-transferable.