Benefits To Your Business

Technology has created a problem

Storage is getting cheaper. Bandwidth is getting cheaper. CDNs (Content Distribution Networks) are becoming more commonplace. Cloud computing offers virtually infinite storage and hosting capacity to anyone willing to pay for it. When you add this up it means tube sites will continue to grow at a rapid rate. These technological innovations require a new approach to protecting your copyrights. An approach that is also based on technological innovation.

Technology creates the solution

Imagine never having to worry about unauthorized copies of your videos popping up on tube sites ever again. Resting easy knowing that CopyMotion is ever vigilant, scanning existing tubes sites, finding new tube sites as they come online, on the job night and day protecting your interests and alerting you only when your attention is absolutely required.

Reach out to new customers

Replace infringing clips with your own advertisements and direct interested traffic back to your business. Leverage these potential customers with the confidence that they are customers you want to have. With CopyMotion you'll never have to worry that they will just go right back to the tube site and upload the copyrighted material they purchased from you.

Find ALL your content with visual matching

A detailed analysis of the naming conventions used on tube sites shows that only a small amount of infringing content is named in a manner that will allow a copyright holder to find it through a text search. Those illegally uploading your content know the game, or they soon figure it out after one of their uploads is taken down. The trick is to keep upload titles simple and generic so that the content remains online. Where does this leave you? Out in the cold with a false sense of security if you are still relying on text searches to locate your content.

Police content theft

Are others falsely claiming ownership of your content and reselling it? Not everyone follows the rules when it comes to content licenses. One benefit of our advanced visual matching technology is that you will easily be able to catch content thieves who are illegally reselling your copyrighted video works under a different name. Police your videos when they appear on a tube site with someone else's logo and website on them. Make sure that only those who pay for licenses of your content are profiting from it.

Embracing the future

Using CopyMotion to take a high-tech approach to copyright infringement will provide you with additional time to focus on your business and peace of mind that you are secure against content theft. Protect your current and future profits by investing in content protection today. Let us put you back in control of when, where, and how your videos show up online.