Active Infringement Scanning

Infringement Scanning

Active infringement scanning refers to the act of indexing the list of available videos on a particular tube site and extracting the relevant visual fingerprint data from each video. The data is then stored on CopyMotion's servers for video matching purposes.

CopyMotion checks each tube site regularly for new video uploads. When new uploads become available to the public they are added to CopyMotion's database.

As new tube sites come online they are also added to the CopyMotion system as part of our ongoing effort to provide the most complete copyright protection possible.

Tube Sites & CopyMotion

The question is often asked, “Do tube sites work cooperatively with CopyMotion or do they try to circumvent the service?“

Tube sites work with CopyMotion because the partnership is mutually beneficial for many reasons. Tube sites want to remain on good terms with content producers and content producers want to advertise on tube sites. CopyMotion bridges this divide. A tube site scanned by CopyMotion becomes the perfect vehicle for content producers looking to reach new customers while at the same time, protecting their content rights.

Tube sites are also required by law to cooperate with copyright holders. That cooperation extends to CopyMotion which is merely an extension of the copyright holder - expediting and improving their ability to send take down notices and manage their content rights online.

A summary of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act on “Safe Harbor”

“Under the notice and takedown procedure, a copyright owner submits a notification under penalty of perjury, including a list of specified elements, to the service provider's designated agent. [...] If,upon receiving a proper notification, the service provider promptly removes or blocks access to the material identified in the notification, the provider is exempt from monetary liability. In addition, the provider is protected from any liability to any person for claims based on its having taken down the material.”

This was recently put to the test with Viacom's $1 billion lawsuit against Google/YouTube. Reaffirming that tube sites are protected from liability only so long as they work cooperatively with copyright holders to manage their rights online.